Event CCTV Hire Melbourne

Temporary CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Event security has always been a key aspect of any Event Plan. At Event Communication Solutions we have developed a deployable, temporary closed circuit (CCTV) solution to meet the security needs of your next event.

By utilising our knowledge and product range of networkable solutions, we can incorporate CCTV and fixed camera equipment to give you visibility of your event where you need it most, while at all times maintaining high frame rates and quality images. Our server hardware means we can store hours of footage and give key stakeholders access to live streams as required. All our cameras are Power Over Ethernet (POE) and can be run off Mains Power using our MPB boxes, Battery boxes and Solar.

CCTV Surveillance Hire

  • PTZ & Fixed Lens Cameras in outdoor housings with IR night vision
  • Rigging and Pole mount hardware
  • Outdoor battery and network supply interfaces
  • Control Room remote control and viewing solutions
  • 4G & 5G deployable cameras
  • Recording server solutions
  • Large format video walls and displays
Security Cameras
CCTV Camera Traffic Management

Temporary Surveillance for Traffic Control

While traditionally, CCTV is used at events for Security, Safety, Production Management; or as a simple aid to visual cueing for heightened awareness of changing environments, it can also be used for real time management of event traffic, making changes to ease congestion on the fly, as required.

Using simple to deploy, packaged camera and software solutions, Event Communications Solutions supply fully installed turnkey temporary CCTV hire for:

  • Construction sites
  • Vehicle monitoring – carpark entry / exit
  • Traffic and event parking management
  • Council approvals
  • Event Operating Centre (EOC) – make live video calls
CCTV & Two Way Radio Hire

Temporary CCTV for Event Safety

CCTV surveillance is emerging as a more common requirement for event managers to demonstrate visual evidentiary compliance with:

  • Risk Management Plans
  • Insurance Policies
  • On site safe operating procedures
  • Fulfilling event legal obligations

Our solutions include full backup of event footage for incident reporting.

All Event Communications Solutions cameras are supplied in appropriate IP67 standard weatherproof housings and supplied from an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

Security Camera

Security Camera Hire Melbourne

We have developed a wide range of individual security system solutions that can be combined where needed to suit a diverse range of bespoke applications. With our variety of brackets and mounting systems, you can install cameras just about anywhere and on to anything e.g. beams, poles etc. We can add cameras to existing systems; – or set up completely new systems including control rooms and multiple monitoring locations. At Event Communications, our CCTV Hire provides the latest camera technology in full HD 1080p in either fixed cameras or PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom).
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