Event Communication Solutions FAQs

At Event Communication Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the latest in communication technology to all facets of the Events, Entertainment & Construction industries. We strive to provide cost effective and relevant solutions to suit your needs.

Who are Event Communication Solutions?

We are Melbourne based Two Way Radio Hire and communications specialists. Having been involved in all facets of the entertainment and events industry for over 10 years we are well placed to provide our clients with a solution for all their Event needs.

What is a good two way radio?
In any business or sector, a quick response is key, which is why Hytera is a strong choice when you are looking for a reliable, durable two-way radio. The Hytera PD782 is a professional and versatile handheld digital radio that offers a range of advanced features including GPS, Bluetooth, Man Down, Lone Worker, Remote Monitor, Emergency alarm and more. The PD782 also boasts a smart battery guaranteeing longer, high quality communication without an extended charging time. The PD782 two-way radio is commonly used within both the security and public sector due to its variety of features. It’s IP68 protection means the radio can also stand up to the harshest of environments.
How far can a 2 way radio work?
Event Comms provide repeater options for situations when there is the need to expand coverage on a site that requires a larger coverage area than would be needed for a radio to radio (simplex) application. We also have the option to design and supply multi-site repeater systems, often referred to as trunked repeater networks where multiple repeater sites can be linked via the internet. This allows the radios to roam between repeater sites expanding the coverage an even greater distance than for a single repeater site. Lastly we can deploy the WalkieFleet PTTOC (push to talk over cellular) system which takes away the traditional restraints that exist in a radio system by utilising the 3 and 4G networks to carry the voice traffic. This means the radios can be used anywhere in the world and be linked together seamlessly and effortlessly.