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Hytera PD782G Two Way Radio

Hytera PD782G Two Way Radio Hire Melbourne

PD782G Hytera IP67 Digital Two Way Radio GPS 450-520MHz

As a product built to the DMR standard, the PD782/782G (PD782G is the model with GPS) is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functions and remarkable quality to refresh your experience and enable you to be responsive to emergent situations. Radio also features versatile voice calls, a vibrator, and is already narrowband compliant.

Main Features:

  • Frequency range(MHz) UHF 450-520 /400-470/VHF136-174
  • Channels 1024CH/32CH
  • Channel space:25k/20k/12.5k
  • Advanced spectrum efficiency doubling voice capacity
  • IP67 and MIL-STD-810 G to ensure outstanding performance in harsh environments
  • Compact and light weight structural design for easy carry and operation
  • Two knobs with the antenna in the middle facilitate smooth eyes-off operation
  • USB Interface Programming for advanced connectivity
  • Free of operation fatigue thanks to dual-colour injection moulding
  • Versatile Voice Calls including Individual Call, Group Call, All Call
  • Dual Modes to operate in either analogue or digital mode
  • Battery Saver to obtain an extra 40% operating time
  • Emergency button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents
  • Channel Scan to ensure calls are received first time every time

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