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Welcoming the Motorola CLP107e

Event Communication Solutions is excited to announce that we have added the Motorola CLP107e compact, small format professional two way radio to our growing hire fleet.

The CLPe Series is small, lightweight and easy to use with simple one-button push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant. Quickly check essential radio information at a glance with the smart status glow ring, and reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long-lasting battery.

The CLPe Series is ready to provide all-day performance and is customisable to your work environment with a wide range of radio accessories including different chargers, carry options and earpieces.

From back-of-house to hospitality, the Motorola CLPe Series is your stylish and essential team communication tool built to last all day, everyday. 

Focused. Stylish. Connected.

  • Push-to-talk button – Oversized, textured, and centrally located provides easy access for eyes up operation.
  • Smart status glow ring – 8 colours to indicate active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, volume level, mute, and battery status.
  • Loud and clear audio – Clear and crisp audio performance in any environment. Adjust between 15 number of volume levels.
  • Long Lasting Battery – Operates for up to 18 hours to help your teams power through extended shifts.
  • Privacy Codes – Choose between 219 privacy codes to add a level of privacy to your communications.
  • 1W licensed modelallows you to stay in touch with your team, no matter what the size. Motorola CLPe can keep your teams connected.


Motorola CLP107e

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