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IP501H icom LTE Digital Radio Portable

IP501H icom LTE Digital Radio Portable Hire Melbourne

IP501H icom LTE Digital Radio Portable

Australia Wide Area Coverage using the Optus 4G and 3G Network.
Unlike traditional radio there is no requirements around infrastructure investment. For example, the need to invest in repeaters, cabling and radio programming. The radio is supplied pre configured and includes an Optus SIM card.
The IP501H is not just a mobile phone. It’s a two-way radio which works over the Optus 3G/4G network covering 98.5% of the Australian population. The unit is designed to be used for commercial environments where you need to talk to one or more parties straight away. There is no need to dial a number you simply push to talk directly to the other person. It is also designed to withstand rough environments.

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